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Their traces and history can be seen in places all across the state. One of the very best things about Wisconsin is our rich history of different people settling here as the US was being formed. Facebook/NewGlarusChamber, there's a stellar bakery in town that makes amazing old-world pastries and of course you can have some of the best fondue of your life here, as well. Theyre more than 4,000 miles away from Switzerland, but New

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Glarus is truly Americas Little Switzerland. Posted in, wisconsin, october 27, 2017 by, nicole. The town has fully embraced its roots and you can see the Swiss influences in the architecture, the food and more.

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Swiss Center, locals have been performing a version of the Wilhelm Tell play since 1938. Flickr/AnnePeterson, looking for more Wisconsin heritage towns? They settled here and their culture and language continue to influence life in New Glarus. Facebook/NewGlarusChamber, there isn't a town with more history or charm. In New Glarus, a small town outside of Madison, the Swiss heritage is so strong that the Swiss Center of North America is headquartered there.

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  • Find New, glarus, WI real estate for sale.
  • Today, there are 72 homes for sale in New.
  • Glarus at a median listing price of 369,500.

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You can learn about the history of Swiss in the area, look in to your genealogy and more at this amazing resources that call New Glarus home. Most People Dont Know Wisconsin Has Its Own Norwegian Valley And Its Picture Perfect. Now a part of a larger Wilhelm Tell Festival, the town will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of this tradition this year. A trip to New Glarus is a trip back in time and to a totally different land. People in this area were speaking predominantly German 100 years after the town was first settled and as those traditions started to fade, locals became committed to making a "Little Switzerland" to ensure their ancestors wouldn't be forgotten. Facebook/NewGlarusChamber, there isn't an event happening in or around New Glarus that doesn't include at least one alphorn - though there's usually many more. The first Swiss settlers came to New Glarus in 1845. Facebook/NewGlarusChamber, flickr/JimmyEmersonDVM, while there are some kitschy and silly parts, the best part of all the Swiss details in New Glarus is how authentic it all feels. Flickr/MarkGoebel, many others will try to claim a "Little Switzerland" title, but none are as authentic and charming as New Glarus.

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